Club 33 Pg. 2

BACKSTORY (June 15, 1967 —Present): Rumors broke out in August 2013 that the Club was going to be completely remodeled. Some of the controversial changes were "leaked" that the Trophy Room would be replaced by a new and larger kitchen, and that the Court of Angels would be transformed into the new entrance area. Members who initially asked if the rumors were true were told, "We can neither confirm nor deny." When the Club reopened in Summer 2014, all of those rumors were confirmed to be true. In addition, a number of poorly executed architectural changes were made that detracted from the charm of New Orleans Square, including an off-center window above Cafe Orleans and a very ostentatious new entrance to Club 33 (dubbed "Club 34" by some disgruntled long-term members). Andrew Sutton replace long-time favorite Marcel as the Executive Chef.




Le Salon Nouveau/The Jazz Lounge