Fantasyland/Toontown Depot

BACKSTORY: From Wikipedia:

In 1956, a year after Disneyland's opening, Fantasyland Depot was constructed where the photo kiosk is today. Nearly ten years later in 1965 the canvas tent station was closed, dismantled and the track realigned northward from directly behind Casey Jr. Circus Train to its present location to accommodate construction of" It's a Small World", incorporating the railroad line into its façade. In 1985 Videopolis Station was built, then rethemed to a cartoonish design to correspond with the new Mickey's Toontown opened in January 1993. Toontown Depot seems to be the most crowded station on the railroad. Upon leaving the depot, the trains pass through the facade of "It's a Small World" and roll past backstage areas, such as parts of the parade route and mechanical stations.

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