Mad T Party

BACKSTORY (June 2012—Present): This dance club located in Holllywood Land replaced Electronica. From the Disney website:

Journey down a glowing rabbit hole and enter a wonderland filled with pulsating lights, color and music! Mad T Party is a vibrant nighttime dance party inspired by the manic energy of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Rabbit Hole Your trip begins at the Rabbit Hole, where you encounter the doormen, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Give them the password, and you can proceed into a tunnel of mist, light and sound. When you emerge from the passageway, the party really gets started.
If you don't know the password, don't worry, just ask one of the nearby Hatters — they are easy to spot in their colorful costumes and translucent top hats.

Main Stage Dance the night away, as a swirling kaleidoscope of color and sound explodes from the elaborate main stage. A live band alternates sets with a DJ dressed as the White Rabbit. Pounding out contemporary party rock favorites, the band is comprised of performers in costumes inspired by some of your favorite Alice in Wonderland characters, including:

Mad Hatter and Alice on vocals
March Hare on bass
Dormouse on guitar
Caterpillar on keyboard
Cheshire Cat on drums
House of Cards

The side stage adjacent to the House of Cards lounge features a street dancing troupe called the Hottest Deck in Town. Chill out with a cold drink and watch these talented dancers deal a full house of moves that are madder than a Hatter.

Mad Arcade Want to take a break from the action? Try your luck at the Mad Arcade with games of skill like One Lump or Two, Cheshire Cat's Smile Smash, Queens of Hearts' Royal Court, Paint the Roses Red and Bandersnatch Ball. Video game fans can play the Alice in Wonderland portion of Kinect Disneyland Adventure!

Food and Drinks The House of Cards, Drink Me Bar and Chiller Truck offer a variety of specialty food and drinks, including beverages with curious names like Croque-tini, Mad Hat-ito, Jabberwocky Juice and Cheshire Twist. Take the madness home with a souvenir cup and other glow merchandise!

JUNE 15, 2012

AUGUST 7, 2012

DECEMBER 20, 2012