BACKSTORY (Oct. 2010—Present): From the Disney website:

Enter ElecTRONica and emerge digitized. Journey under the Recognizer and get swept into The Grid, where a live D.J. spins techno and dance music.

• Check out TRON: Legacy 3D Sneak Peek.
• Watch Sirens groove to the beats of Daft Punk and others, while digitally projected Lightcycles zoom around you.
• Face off with enemies and allies at Flynn's Arcade.
• Try incandescent concoctions at the End of Line club.
• Be amazed by an eclectic array of street performers, including laser and martial artists.

The review from the L.A. Times:

The centerpiece of the event is a futuristic DJ platform painted in grid-like lighting patterns evocative of the computer world of "Tron" and surrounded by teen-age throngs dancing to electronica and house music blended with Top 40 songs. The highlight of ElecTRONica…was the Laserman show on the Backlot Stage, which blended light manipulation and illusion into a jaw-dropping spectacle. ElecTRONica caters to two distinct audiences: Dance-happy club kids and Sci-Fi fanboys. During my visit, the jam-packed ElecTRONica dance floor undulated like an all-ages rave — only with parents pushing strollers across the gridlock and Disney employees waving flashlights in a hopeless effort at crowd control. Alcohol represents a key component of ElecTRONica, with long lines stretching from the End of the Line club for glowing Glowjito mojitos ($10.50) and blinking Digitini martinis ($11.50). The emphasis on booze represents a departure for family-friendly Disney, with the bustling cocktail lounge wedged between Wii video game stations dominated by 'tweens and a dance floor overflowing with high schoolers and college kids.