BACKSTORY: Edited from Famous 56 website: Rockin In the Cradle Of Liberty, WFIL,Philadelphia, Non-Stop Music, The Pop Explosion, The Helping Hand Marathon. These are just a few examples of what made WFIL, so famous in the late 1960s, and in the 1970s. Hello, I'm Ron Turner, and welcome to my small piece of cyberspace. WFIL was such a large part of my life , that I found it appropriate to dedicate some web space to it. If you grew up in the Delaware Valley Area, I'm sure you remember " Famous 56". Who could ever forget George Michael welcoming us to a Friday night? The morning antics of Dr. Don Rose, and LU-LU Belle? Not to mention, the Unforgettable voice of "Allen Stone, WFIL, News". And of course, who could ever forget Jim O'Brien.

The "Pop Explosion" was born on September 18,1966. WFIL, was up until then, a "middle of the road" station, playing standards, with a little rock and roll mixed in. But on that fateful morning in September, WFIL began its journey to become one of the greatest stations in the nation. With a tight format, great personalities, and fantastic jingles, WFIL took over the number 1 spot in Philadelphia radio, a spot formally occupied by WIBG. The list of greats that graced the microphones of WFIL is much to long to list. The ones listed here had a lot to do with the success of the station. Unfortunately, sooner or later, all good things must come to an end. In 1977, WFIL changed formats to reflect what management felt were the needs and desires of the Philadelphia listening audience. Disco and FM stereo were taking over at the time. WFIL switched to an early type of A/C station. This didn't work either. Next, it was time to try a country format. "Philly 56 Country" was born, and lasted for a year. Then came various other formats, until one night, on September 3, 1983. At 6pm, The "Boss was Back"! Famous 56 had been reborn. It seemed like a great idea at the time. The radio market in Philadelphia was boring, to say the least. Why not bring back "Famous 56"? It was a gallant attempt, but just wasn't the same. The glory days of WFIL could not be recreated. Now in 2007, WFIL is now broadcasting a religious format, and is owned by Salem Communications in Lafayette Hills, Pennsylvania.

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