Pack Mules

BACKSTORY (July 2, 1956—October 1973): It was also possible to view Nature’s Wonderland on Mules. Guests took a 10 minute tour of the Disneyland Frontier; originally there were 2 packs, consisting of 1 lead horse and 9 mules. The ride was so popular that Disney increased the herd from 50 to 75, paying $50 each for 25 more of the temperamental animals in May 1957. Feed cost for the entire group was only $15/day—what a value! The Mule Pack (1955-1956) was renamed The Rainbow Ridge Mule Pack (1956-1959), and then Pack Mules Through Nature’s Wonderland (1960-1973).

Be sure to check out BOTH pages of Frontierland photos; page two contains contemporary shots of this area.

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