Main Street Windows

BACKSTORY: As you walk down Main Street U.S.A., you may notice that the second and third story windows contain the names of people instrumental in the creation of Disneyland. Below is an alphabetical listing of these fantastic folk who helped make the park what it is today. MANY thanks to Evan for compiling this information for me, as well as former cast member Jack for his assistance!

Main Street Windows

Milt Albright
Location: Above the Opera House
Inscription: Milt Albright - Entrepreneur - No Job Too Big - No Job Too Small

Milt Albright was the original manager of Disneyland’s Holidayland, the short-lived picnic grounds. Milt also developed and was the first manager of the Magic Kingdom Club.

Charles Alexander
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Carpenters & Joiners - George Mills - Ray Conway - Chas Alexander

Charles Alexander was the field supervisor of the Disneyland Construction Department

W. F. Allen
Location: Above Fortuosity Shop
Inscription: W. F. Allen, MD - C. V. Patterson, MD

W.F. Allen (Above Fortuosity Shop) was a pharmacist who worked for Upjohn in Kalamazoo,who was instrumental in getting a pharmacy (based on D.S. Gilmore's designs) on Main Street.

Hideo Amemiya
Location: Above Disney Showcase
Inscription: Happiest Dreams on Earth – International School of Hospitality – Hideo Amemiya – Headmaster

Hideo was a veteran hotelier who served for many years at WDW Resort and then came to the DL Resort, where he encouraged Disney-style guest service, and headed the Disney University.

Ken Anderson
Location: Above the Market House

Inscription: Ken Anderson - Bait Co.

His contributions include design and painting on the original Fantasyland dark rides, design of the miniatures of Storybook Land and the early development of the Haunted Mansion including development of the original story behind it. Ken Anderson (Above Market House) was an avid fly-fisherman, so a bait company was ironic. Fly-fishermen do not use bait; they are catch-and-release fishermen.

Xavier Atencio
Location: Above the Opera House

Inscription: The Musical Quill - Lyrics and Librettos by X. Atencio

He wrote the script for Adventure Thru Inner Space, worked on the script for the Haunted Mansion and wrote the lyrics to "Yo Ho (A Pirates' Life For Me)." He also contributed to the Figment character from Journey Into Imagination at EPCOT.

Renie Bardeau
Location: Above Main Street Photo Supply

Inscription: Kingdom Photo Services - Renie Bardeau Photographer, Archivist

Renie Bardeau was the official photographer of Disneyland.

H. Draegert Barnard
Location: Above the Disney Clothiers, Ltd.
Inscription: Real Estate — Houses Bought and Sold, H. Draegert Barnard

H. Draegert Barnard wasn't actually a Walt Disney Company Real Estate agent. The window honors Dr. Harold D. Barnard, an Eye, Ear & Throat specialist who began practicing in Los Angeles, California in 1922. Dr. Barnard catered to Hollywood's movie stars and Los Angeles' rich and famous, including Walt Disney.

In 1940, the renown Dr. Barnard was contacted to treat Wendell Willkie, the Republican Party's Presidential nominee. Willkie's campaign was slowed by voice strain and exhaustion, but despite Dr. Barnard's efforts, Willkie lost the 1940 election to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. For his time spent on the campaign trail, Barnard charged the Republican Party $13,000 for his services, though he later settled for $5,000 after his initial bill went unpaid.

Wally Boag
Location: Above Blue Ribbon Bakery
Inscription: Golden Vaudeville Routines - Wally Boag - Prop.

Was the original Pecos Bill in the original Golden Horseshoe Revue. You can hear him as the voice for Jose in the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Chuck Boyajian
Location: Above the Market House

Inscription: Royal Care Co. - We Keep Your Castle Shining - Chuck Boyajian - Prop.

Chuck Boyajian was the superintendent of Disneyland first Janitorial Department. In 1955, Walt personally chose him to lead the janitorial team, and charged him with the somewhat daunting task of keeping his Magic Kingdom “as clean as you can keep it.”

Charles Boyer
Location: Above the Emporium

Inscription: Partners Portrait Gallery - Charles Boyer, Master Illustrator

Charles Boyer was known as Disneyland's master illustrator. He is well known for his Norman Rockwell style paintings.

C. "Randy" Bright
Location: Above Castle Bros

Inscription: Photographic Studio – C. "Randy" Bright – Proprietor

He was one of the Spacemen dressed in a space suit in Tomorrowland's early days, as well as a cast member on the Columbia and Monorail. Later, he became an imagineer, which led to his position as Vice President of Concept Development at Walt Disney Imagineering.  He was instrumental in developing the concept for a simulator ride, that ride would eventually become Star Tours.

Roger Broggie
Location: Above The Magic Shop.
Inscription: “Can Do” – Machine Works – Mechanical Wonders • Live Steam Engines • Magical Illusions • Cameras - Roger Broggie – Shopmaster – “Advisor to the Magic Makers”

Was the first Imagineer, help build Walt’s Carolwood Pacific, worked on “Project Little Man” the earliest form of Audio- Animatronics, and designed the special effects for “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

Harriet Burns
Location: Above Carriage Place Clothing Company

Inscription: The Artisans Loft - Handmade Miniatures By Harriet Burns

Harriet Burns was an early WED Imagineer working in the Model Shop. She designed and feathered the birds of the Enchanted Tiki Room as well as sculpted models for Storybook Land.

Bruce Bushman
Location: Above the Market House

Inscription: Ship Models - Bushman & Dagradi - Mfgs.

Worked on attractions for Disneyland from the beginning. He herded the classic, hand carved German horses of the Carrousel pieces from the coral under the pier at Coney Island and took many of the non-horse pieces that were a part of the Disneyland Carrousel and put them to use on the Casey Jr. Circus Train. He also helped with the design of the Mickey Mouse Club Circus and designed the Phantom Boats. Bruce was a large, husky man and Walt decided that his proportions would be used as a guide for the seating on the attractions. Bruce Bushman was the son of famous silent film actor, Francis X. Bushman.

Cast Member Window
Location: Main Street Cinema door

Inscription: Open since ’55 - Disneyland Casting Agency – “It takes people to make the dream a reality” – Walter Elias Disney - Founder & Director Emeritus

Dedicated to all the Cast Members who help make the magic every day, on Disneyland's 50th Anniversary.

John Louis Catone
Location: Above the Mad Hatter

Inscription: John Louis Catone — Locksmith

Catone's window title of "Locksmith" refers to his many years in Disneyland Communications Services and his long-standing role as the man who literally held all the keys to the Magic Kingdom.

Royal Clark
Location: Above Blue Ribbon Bakery
Inscription: United Audit - Book Keeping - Accounts Auditor - Royal Clark - Mgr

Royal "Mickey" Clark was Walt Disney's personal family accountant. He joined WED Enterprises in 1952 and worked his way up from Secretary-Treasurer to Executive Vice President. He worked for the Walt Disney Company for 43 years, retiring in 1984.

Clark was also involved as the Treasurer and and later, Vice President for Walt Disney's privately owned company, Retlaw Enterprises.

Claude Coats
Location: Above the Emporium Annex
Inscription: Coats & Co. - Claude Coats Proprietor

Was an early member of WED. Among others, he worked on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, the Grand Canyon Diorama, the Haunted Mansion and helped design Adventure Thru Inner Space. He also painted some of the sets for the original Fantasyland dark rides, created the Rainbow Caverns and worked on the design of the Pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean. Coats was 6'6", hence the "big and tall" reference.

Ray Conaway
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Carpenters & Joiners - George Mills - Ray Conway (yes, Disney made a typo) - Chas Alexander

Ray Conaway worked in the Construction Department of Disneyland. During Disneyland's construction, he worked closely with Charles Alexander, the construction field supervisor, and George Mills, who was the foreman for the on-site mills & shops.

Renie Conley
Location: Above Carnation Café seating area
Inscription: Milady Fashions Renie — Dressmaking, hemstitching & picoting

Renie Conley was Disneyland's original costume designer. She also designed all the gowns worn by Betty Taylor in the Golden Horseshoe Revue.

Jim Cora
Location: Above the Disney Clothiers, Ltd.
Inscription: Global Exports and Expats – Specializing in Land & Sea operations – Our Motto “The Sun Never Sets on our Magic Kingdoms” – Jim Cora – Master Operator

Began as an Attractions Host and became Chairman of Disneyland International, where he was involved in overseas Disney theme park ventures.

W. Dennis Cottrell
Location: Above Market House
Inscription: W. Dennis Cottrell, Detective Agency, Private Investigator. “We Never Sleep”
W.H. Cottrell was the first president of the newly formed Walt Disney Imagineering when Disneyland opened. Better known as Bill or Uncle Bill, Cottrell headed the group from 1952-1964. Cottrell started as a camera operator for Walt Disney Studios. He directed the Evil Queen & Wicked Witch sequences in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and wrote for Pinocchio, Three Caballeros, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.

Roland Fargo Crump
Location: Above Fargo’s Palm Parlor
Inscription: Fargo’s Palm Parlor - Predictions That Will Haunt You – Bazaar, Whimsical & Weird – “Designs to Die For” – Roland F. Crump – Assistant to the Palm Reader

Roland (aka “Rolly,” with the middle name "Fargo") was an Imagineer that worked closely with Walt on the early concepts of The Haunted Mansion when it was going to be a walkthrough “Museum of the Weird”. He also designed the “Tower of the Four Winds”, which stood in front of “It’s a Small World” at the 1964-65 World’s Fair in New York. He also designed the Adventureland Bazaar, hence the mis-spelling of "bizarre" on his window.

Don Dagradi
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Ship Models - Bushman & Dagradi - Mfgs.

Don Dagradi worked on the initial construction of the park. He was also a storyman and writer for the studios on films including Pinocchio, Fantasia, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins and many others.

Alice Davis
Location: Above Disneyana
Inscription: Small World Costume Co.— Alice Davis: Seamstress to the Stars

Costumer for, most notably "it's a small world," and Pirates of the Caribbean. Her window reads: . She finally has a window next to her beloved husband, Marc.

Marc Davis
Location: Above Disneyana
Inscription: Far East Imports - Exotic Art - Marc Davis - Proprietor

He is one of the “nine old men.” Some of his characters include Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty, Cruella De Vil and Tinker Bell. He conceived the America Sings attraction. He worked on the design of the Haunted Mansion, Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Tiki Room among others.

Marvin Davis
Location: Above Main Street Bank
Inscription: Richard Irvine - Marvin Davis

Marvin Davis was an Art Director for WED. He worked on Tom Sawyer Island, as well as assisted with the earliest layout of Disneyland. Famously argued with Herb Ryman as to which direction the top of Sleeping Beauty Castle should face. Davis' original front on the model of the castle was flipped backwards; Walt Disney walked in to the model shop, liked Ryman's "front" better, and the design remains to this day.

Elias Disney
Location: Above the Emporium
Inscription: Elias Disney - Contractor - Est. 1895

Elias Disney was Walt's father. He was a general contractor in the mid-west, and opened his contracting office in 1895. He married Walt's mother, Flora Call, on January 1, 1888. The couple had five children: Herbert, Raymond, Roy, Walt, and Ruth.

Ron Dominguez
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Orange Grove Property Mgt. - “We Care For Your Property As If It Were Our Own” - Ron Dominguez - Owner

Ron Dominguez was raised on a grove where the Rivers of America is now. He began working at Disneyland in its early days and eventually became Executive Vice President of Disneyland and “Mayor of Our Community.”

Peter Ellenshaw
Location: Above Main Street Photo Supply Company
Inscription: Plaza School of Art - Instructors - Hebert Ryman - John Hench - Peter Ellenshaw

Peter Ellenshaw was a painter at WED. His most famous Disneyland work is the classic rendering of Disneyland that Walt Disney pointed to on the Disneyland show prior to the park's opening.

Don Edgren
Location: Above the Silhouette Studio

Inscription: Yesmen Engineering Associates – No Challenge Too Big For Our Yes Men! – We Know No “NO” – Don Edgren – Chief Engineer

The original chief engineer 'in the field'-on the construction sites. Don led the Imagineering teams for New Orleans Square, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ford’s Magic Skyway, the master planning for Walt Disney World, the first Space Mountain, and Tokyo Disneyland.

Greg Emmer
Location: Above Main Street Cinema
Inscription: Operating in many lands around the world – The Cast Doctor – Celebrating our 50th – Every cast a perfect fit – Greg A. Emmer – Specializing in casting since ‘68

Former Senior Vice President of Disneyland Resort Operations. Started out as a ride operator in 1968.

Morgan "Bill" Evans
Location: Above the Opera House
Inscription: Evans Gardens - Exotic & Rare Species - Freeway Collections - Est. 1910 - Morgan (Bill) Evans - Senior Partner

Was the original Disneyland landscaper. The "Freeway Collections" in the inscription refers to the practice of collecting trees before the bulldozers paving the way for the 5 Freeway got to them and relocating them to Disneyland.

Orlando Ferrante
Location: Above Market House
Inscription: The Pico Organization – Instillation & Coordination of World Class Products – “We Never Sleep – In Any Time Zone” – Orlando Ferrante – Founder

Imagineer, started the PICO Dept. at WED (Project Installation and Coordinating Office).

Van Arsdale France
Location: Above the New Century Music Shop
Inscription: Van Arsdale France - Founder and Professor Emeritus - Disney Universities

Van France was brought in by Walt Disney to train the employees. He was instrumental in the development of Disney University. He also wrote the script for the Rainbow Cavern Mine Ride.

Blaine Gibson
Location: Above the Opera House
Inscription: The Busy Hands School - Sculpting, Whittling & Soap Carving & Blaine Gibson - The Eternal Pursuit of the Artists Craft

Blaine Gibson was an animator at the studios before joining WED. There he became a sculptor and worked on the Indian Village, the Submarine, Mr. Toad, Jungle Cruise, Mr. Lincoln and Pirates of the Caribbean, among many others. But perhaps his most visible work is the “Partners” statue located in the hub of Disneyland.

D. S. Gilmore
Location: Above Fortuosity Shop
Inscription: D. S. Gilmore, MD - E. G. Upjohn, MD

A personal friend of Walt's (and his neighbor at Smoke Tree
Ranch-- Walt's vacation home in Palm Springs) who worked for Upjohn and designed
the 1890's style pharmacy shop on Main Street.

Bob Gurr
Location: Above the Disney Clothiers, Ltd
Inscription: Leading the rare to the future – Meteor Cycle Co. – Our vehicles pass the test of time – Fast, Faultless, and Fadless – Bob Gurr – Design Impresario

Imagineer who designed various modes of Disneyland transportation. Walt’s go-to-man for ride vehicles.

J. S. Hamel
Location: Above the Main Street Bank
Inscription: J.S. Hamel - Consulting Engineer

J. S. Hamel was a civil and electrical engineer hired by Walt to help build Disneyland. His projects included Schweitzer Falls of the Jungle Cruise. He was a graduate of the University of Michigan, and worked with civic planner Robert Moses in New York for seven years. He started his own firm in New York in 1936, and among other projects was consultant to the 1939 New York World's Fair on layout of illumination, electrical, and various other facilities, before starting a consulting firm in Burbank in 1947. Hamel held a number of patents in connection with the development of certain lighting equipment and illumination systems. He wrote several articles in professional journals about his Disneyland work.

John Hench
Location: Above Main Street Photo Supply Company
Inscription: Plaza School of Art - Instructors - Herbert Ryman - John Hench - Peter Ellenshaw

John Hench has been called the single person, after Walt, who had the greatest impact on the design of Disneyland. He was an original member of WED. John Hench has been involved in the creative development of every Disney Theme Park.

Alexander Irvine
Location: Above the Baby Care Center

Inscription: Alexander Irvine, M.D.

Ophthalmologist father of Richard Irvine, Walt's eye doctor and founder of the Doheny Eye Institute.

Richard Irvine
Location: Above Main Street Bank

Inscription: Richard Irvine - Marvin Davis

Richard "Dick" Irvine worked on the initial building of Disneyland. His projects include the Mickey Mouse Circus. Richard eventually became president of Imagineering and was named a Disney Legend. His son married Imagineer Leota ("Madame Leota's" namesake) Toombs' daughter, Imagineer and chief Art Director for Disneyland, Kim (Toombs) Irvine.

Robert F. Jani
Location: Above the Opera House

Inscription: Main Street Electrical Parade World Headquarters – Robert F. Jani, Master Showman

Longtime Vice President of Entertainment and creator of the Main Street Electrical Parade which ran from 1972-1996.

Fred Joerger
Location: Above Carnation Café seating area
Inscription: Decorative Fountains and Watercolor - By Fred Joerger

Imagineer Fred Joerger helped realize Walt Disney’s visions by crafting three-dimensional miniature models of Disney theme park attractions, as well as motion picture sets and props, before they were brought to full-scale life. As Fred recalled, “I was given artists’ drawings of an interior set or a building and interpreted them into models. It’s very easy to make something like the Haunted Mansion look good on paper, but if you don’t get it into three-dimensions first, you may have a disaster. Well, my job was to create the model to avert disaster, which was fun, but a challenge.”

William Justice
Location: Above public phones on E. Center St.
Inscription: New Century Character Company – Custom Character Design and Parade Illuminations – Bill Justice – Master Delineator

Created many characters for films and shorts. Went onto WED to design costumes for the park characters, parades, and as well as floats.

Emile Kuri
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Emile Kuri - Interior Decorator

Contributed considerable decorating talent to many of the parks settings from the park's earliest stages to the time he retired. Emile was responsible for designing the lower level of the Sailing Ship Columbia, supervised the Studio's Set Decorating Department, and regularly assisted in creating Academy Award winning stage settings. Emile was also Walt's personal interior decorator. He designed the Victorian-style decor for Walt's above-the-firehouse apartment, integrating Lillian Disney's vast antiques collection.

Fred Leopold
Location: Above Disneyana Shop
Inscription: Attorney at Law - Youngman & Leopold

Leopold was a senior partner in Youngman, Hungate and Leopold, a firm that played important roles in the early Disneyland negotiations.

Gunther R. Lessing
Location: Above the Disneyana Shop
Inscription: Gunther R. Lessing, Esq.

Gunther R. Lessing was a lawyer for Walt Disney and the studios for more than three decades. He represented Disney in a dispute over the money from “The Skeleton Dance,” the first of the Silly Symphonies.

Jack Lindquist
Location: Above City Hall
Inscription: J. B. Lindquist - Honorary Mayor of Disneyland - “Jack of All Trades. Master of Fun”

Jack Lindquist was a Disney publicist. He conceived “Operation Water,” which was the pouring of waters from all the oceans of the world into the Small World waterway by Walt and children of the world. He went on to become the President of Disneyland.

Mary Anne Mang
Location: Above Fortuosity Shop
Inscription: Good Neighbor Foundation - “Caring and Giving Come From the Heart” - Mrs. M. A. Mang - Director

Was Manager of Public Relations at Disneyland for many years.

Marceline, Missouri
Location: E. Center Street

Inscription: Hotel Marceline

Where Walt grew up as a child and the basis of Main Street U.S.A.

Ivan Martin
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Buena Vista Construction Co. - Jack Rorex - Ivan Martin - Cash Shockey

Ivan Martin worked on the construction of Disneyland.

Wilson “Bill”’ Martin
Location: Above the Main Street Bank
Inscription: Wilson Martin - Gabriel Scognamillo

Art Director and project designer on numerous attractions including Sleeping Beauty Castle, Monorail, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sam McKim
Location: Above the Main Street Photo Supply Company
Inscription: Cartography Masterworks – Sam McKim – Map Maker to the Kingdom – “There’s Magic in the Details”

Sam McKim inspired many a Disney film and theme park attraction with his imaginative drawings. But the actor-turned-artist is probably best known to Disney fans today as the creator of the Disneyland souvenir maps, issued between 1958 and 1964. Even today, his intricate and fascinating maps remain among the most sought-after pieces of Disney memorabilia. In 1992, Sam encored his cartographical genius when he created a new map in his unique style to commemorate the opening of Disneyland Paris.

Edward T. Meck
Location: Above the China Closet
Inscription: The Disneyland News - Edward T. Meck - Editor In Chief

Publicist Edward “Eddie” Meck “wrote the book” on how to introduce new Disney theme park attractions. A self-proclaimed “soft sell,” Eddie never pressed for—or manufactured—news stories during his career, especially where Disneyland was concerned. “If you have a good product,” he said, “it’s easy to get the message across. No gimmicks. Just truth and honesty. The greatest product is right here. Walt Disney.”

From the beginning, when he joined Disneyland just months prior to its 1955 opening, Eddie believed the Park would sell itself. As he recalled, “Two months after the park opened, I told Walt that I didn’t see how he could plant stories [in the press] about Disneyland. It’s too fantastic and too hard to describe. So I told him we should bring the press here and let the park sell itself.”

Christopher D. Miller
Location: Above W. Center Street Men’s Room
Inscription: Christopher D. Miller - Turkish Baths

Christopher Miller was Walt's first grandson by his daughter Diane and his son-in-law Ron Miller. Born on December 10, 1954, he worked as an assistant director and second unit director on several films, including The Black Hole and Herbie Goes Bananas.

George Mills
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Carpenters & Joiners - George Mills - Ray Conway - Chas Alexander

George Mills, was foreman for the Disneyland Construction Department's skilled shops and woodworking mill.

Disneyland Construction Supervisor, Admiral Joe Fowler, had the woodworking mill built on-site to save time during construction. Located where the Opera House currently stands in Town Square, the woodworking mill was built in the Fall of 1954, to help ensure that Disneyland would be completed by July 17, 1955. Mill Foreman George Mills worked closely with Ray Conway, who helped manage all Disneyland construction and Charles Alexander, the construction field supervisor.

Seb Morey
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Seb Morey - Taxidermist

Seb Morey was Disneyland's original taxidermist and did a large portion of the work on the Jungle Cruise. From his daughter-in-law: "His full name is Sebastian Moreno and he worked at Disneyland for about 38 years as a decorator. He was a department supervisor for many of those years and was known to his colleagues as Morey. He started working there in 1955."

Dick Nunis
Location: Above Disney Showcase
Inscription: Coast to Coast Peoplemoving, World Leader in Leisure Management, Dick Nunis Proprietor

Started 1955, Offices Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo - Wave Machine Specialty. Dick Nunis began his career in 1955 in the training department. He eventually became president of Disneyland and Walt Disney World and had hand in opening all four of the Disney parks around the world.

George Patrick
Location: Above the Main Street Bank
Inscription: Wade B. Rubotton - George Patrick

Art director for Frontierland.

C. V. Patterson
Location: Above Fortuosity Shop
Inscription: W. F. Allen, MD - C. V. Patterson, MD

C.V. Patterson was Vice-President of Upjohn Pharmaceuticals in the 1950's.

Bob Penfield
Location: Above Penny Arcade/Candy Palace Entrance W. Plaza St.
Inscription: Club 55 – School of Golf – Bob Penfield - Instructor

The last of the original Disneyland opening day Cast Members. He retired on August 1, 1997 after more than 42 years. Penfield's window refers to the annual Club 55 golf tournament that he helped organize in 1990. He also changed the Club 55 logo, from one that was similar to the Club 33 logo (with a 55), to a more original design that featured a silhouette of the castle.

Harrison "Buzz" Price
Location: City Hall
Inscription: Price is Right Land Company • Anaheim Orlando • Call on our Numbers Man for the Best Price! Harrison "Buzz" Price, Founder & Finder. We Never Say 'No'; 'Yes' Makes More Cents!

From The Disney Parks Blog: In 1953, while with the Stanford Research Institute, Buzz helped find the perfect location for Walt’s new concept in outdoor entertainment, Disneyland Resort. Buzz analyzed potential sites in the Southern California area, ultimately focusing on 160 acres of orange groves in Anaheim. “We hit it right on the nose,” Buzz later recalled, “dead center. That was the perfect place for it.” He also determined that Central Florida was best suited for an “East Coast Disneyland” in 1963. In all, Buzz conducted more than 150 project studies for The Walt Disney Company, including site selection and feasibility for Tokyo Disneyland. Despite the fact that Buzz was never a Disney employee, he and Walt had a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. In 1966, Walt personally appointed Buzz to care for one of his most prized projects, the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Valencia. Walt’s daughter Diane Disney Miller remembered Buzz as integral to the CalArts project: “Before he entered the hospital,” Diane reminisced, “Dad had placed a stack of notebooks in Buzz’s hands, saying, ‘Here, take care of my school for me!’ Dad knew the hands to place his dream in, that Buzz would see it through … and he did.” More than 30 years after its 1971 opening, Buzz remained a dedicated trustee of CalArts. He said at the time, “I have never thought of leaving the school.” Buzz received a lifetime achievement award from the Themed Entertainment Association in 1994; the award was subsequently re-named “The Buzz Price Thea Award” in his honor. In 2003, Buzz authored his autobiography, Walt’s Revolution! By the Numbers, which tells how Walt and Roy approached strategic planning issues and the impact of their innovation in the attraction field. Buzz was named a Disney Legend in 2003.

Cicely Rigdon
Location: Above the Disney Showcase
Inscription: Ambassador Finishing School - Cicely Rigdon - Instructor

From the Disney Parks Blog: “When they first opened the park,” Cicely recalled, “I made five attempts to get a job. The fifth time, I was finally hired, and I was so excited I came home and drove my car through the garage!” Cicely began her career at Disneyland in 1957 as a ticket seller. In 1959, she joined the Tour Guide Department and was responsible for initiating its growth and development. She eventually became the supervisor of Guest Relations and was known for hiring the “cream of the crop” and leading a top-notch team of hosts and hostesses. In 1967, Cicely’s responsibilities were expanded to include the ticket sellers and ticket receptionists. She was also responsible for Walt’s apartment above the Main Street Fire Station, and was therefore known as the “Keeper of the Keys.” Beginning in 1982, Cicely led the Disneyland Ambassador Program. In this role Cicely worked with 13 Disneyland Ambassadors who represented Disneyland around the world. She retired as manager of the Ambassador Program in 1994, after 37 years at Disneyland. Cicely remembered her years at Disneyland and Walt with great fondness. “Walt was just a very decent, very nice man,” she once said. “And I believe that is reflected in all of us here at Disneyland, and that this place for family and fun and decency is what it’s all about.”

Wathel Rogers
Location: Above Fortuosity Shop
Inscription: “You’ll Cut A Fine Figure” - Wathel Rogers - Menswear

Wathel Rogers worked with Blaine Gibson on the animatronics for Mr. Lincoln, Pirates, the Haunted Mansion and the Carousel of Progress. He literally hand-cut the cams, gears and levers for Audio-Animatronics figures, hence the "You'll cut a fine figure," reference.

Jack Rorex
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Buena Vista Construction Co. - Jack Rorex - Ivan Martin - Cash Shockey

Jack Rorex worked on the construction of Disneyland.

L. H. Roth
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Surveying & Engineering - L. H. Roth

L. H. Roth was an assistant to Joe Fowler, who was in charge of Disneyland construction.

Wade B. Rubottom
Location: Above the Disney Gallery in Town Square
Inscription: Wade B. Rubottom - George Patrick

Art director who worked on Main Street, U.S.A.

Herbert Ryman
Location: Above Main Street Photo Supply Company
Inscription: Plaza School of Art - Instructors - Herbert Ryman - John Hench - Peter Ellenshaw

Was an art director for the studios before joining WED. Did the famous early rendering of Disneyland. Worked on the design of New Orleans Square and Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Gabriel Scognamillo
Location: Above the Main Street Bank
Inscription: Wilson Martin - Gabriel Scognamillo

Art Director who worked on Tomorrowland.

“Unofficial” Jewish Window
Location: Door of New Century Jewelry
Inscription: Dr. Benjamin Silverstein M.D. – General Practitioner – Have a Fever? Have the Flu? – Come on in and We’ll Cure You!

Although completely fictitious, it is the only location on Main Street which celebrates Hanukah during the holiday season.

The Sherman Brothers
Location: Near the Magic Shop
Inscription: Two Brothers Tunemakers—Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman—“We’ll Write Your Tune For A Song!”

Famous Disney songwriters for classic movies such as “Mary Poppins” and “The Parent Trap.” They were responsible for the music in "it's a small world" and The Enchanted Tiki Room attractions.

Cash Shockey
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Buena Vista Construction Co. - Jack Rorex - Ivan Martin - Cash Shockey

Cash Shockey worked on the construction of Disneyland.

Marty Sklar
Location: City Hall
Inscription: Main Street College of Arts & Sciences—Martin A. Sklar—Dean

International Ambassador for Walt Disney Imagineering. Former vice president of concepts and planning for the company, before being promoted to president, and then eventually taking the position of vice chairman and principal creative executive of the company before his final role. His Latin inscription reads: Id Sominate Id Facite, or, "If it can be dreamed, it can be done."

E. G. Upjohn
Location: Above Fortuosity Shop
Inscription: D. S. Gilmore, MD - E. G. Upjohn, MD

The New Century Timepieces store used to be an Upjohn Pharmacy. E.G. Upjohn was the founder and one time Chairman of the Board of Upjohn Pharmaceuticals of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Ray Van De Warker
Location: Above Mad Hatter
Inscription: Ragin Ray’s – River Rafting Expeditions – Experienced Guides Since ’55 – Ray Van De Warker – Owner-Guide
One of the last original Disneyland opening day Cast Members. The canoe races began in 1963 when Ray, foreman of the Indian War Canoes attraction, observed a guest canoe filled with athletes charging around the Rivers of America. Ray and Jungle Cruise foreman Bob Penfield debated how fast their teams could get around the river and a challenge was set forth between the Frontierland cast and Adventureland cast. That summer ignited a cast tradition that has spread to the Walt Disney World Resort, Toyko Disney Resort, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. He retired in 1996 after 41 years.

Robert Washo
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Robert Washo – Stone Mason

Robert used to head the Staff Shop which performed concrete and plastic work. Later he became Disneyland's Buildings Manager.

Frank Wells
Location: Above the Main Street Bank
Inscription: Seven Summits Expeditions - Frank G. Wells - President

Frank Wells became president of the Walt Disney Company when he came on with Michael Eisner. He was killed in a helicopter accident on Easter Sunday 1994. A subtle reference to him also exists in the Matterhorn where mountain-climbing equipment labeled "Wells Expedition" lies in the ice crystals cavern.

William T. Wheeler
Location: Above the Main Street Bank
Inscription: William T. Wheeler - John Wise - Structural Engineers

William Wheeler, and his company, the Wheeler & Gray Company, was a structural engineer brought in to help with the construction of Disneyland.

George Whitney
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Geo. Whitney - Guns

Was the only member of the original Disneyland design team with previous amusement park experience. He eventually became the manager of Fantasyland and also worked on the Mickey Mouse Club Circus.

Ed Winger
Location: Above the Blue Ribbon Bakery
Inscription: Old Settlers - Gold Dredging - Ed Winger - Proprietor

Ed Winger was the supervisor of the Paint Department, Mill and Sign Shop.

John Wise
Location: Above the Main Street Bank
Inscription: William T. Wheeler - John Wise - Structural Engineers

John Wise was a structural engineer brought in to help with the construction of Disneyland. He was assigned to the Disneyland Construction project by the firm of Wheeler & Gray - Consulting Engineers. A Structural Engineer, Wise designed the simple modular support structures used for many of the buildings on Main Street and elsewhere in Disneyland. The simple supports gave the buildings the necessary support and structure, allowing Disneyland's art directors to create artistic, non-structural facades.

Gordon Youngman
Location: Above Disneyana Shop
Inscription: Attorney at Law - Youngman & Leopold

Gordon Youngman was a senior partner in Youngman, Hungate and Leopold, a firm that played important roles in the early Disneyland negotiations. He also served on the Disney Board of Directors.


Glenn Hicks
Location: Above Bonanza Outfitters in Frontierland
Inscription: Texas Glenn's Honey Bee Farm

Glenn "Slippery" Hicks is a member of the Order of the Red Handkerchief, a club for Cast Members who worked as ride operators for the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland.

Fess Parker
Location: Above Pioneer Mercantile in Frontierland
Inscription: Davy Crockett Coonskin Cap Supply Co. Fess Parker, Proprietor

It was dedicated on the 50th Anniversary of the Davy Crockett TV show, in 2004. In 1954, Walt Disney saw Fess in the science fiction film “Them!” and quickly signed him to a studio contract. He went on to star in other Disney films such as “Westward Ho the Wagons!” “The Great Locomotive Chase,” “Old Yeller” and “The Light in the Forest.” He also starred in two additional Davy Crockett television shows, “Davy Crockett’s Keelboat Race” and “Davy Crockett and the River Pirates.” Much later, in 1978, Fess appeared in “NBC Salutes the 25th Anniversary of the Wonderful World of Disney.”

Harper Goff
Location: Above the Adventureland Bazaar in Adventureland
Inscription: Banjo Lessons and Oriental Tattooing By Prof. Harper Goff

A studio Art Director, set designer, artist and banjo player for Walt's Dixieland Jazz Band, "The "Firehouse Five + 2," Goff became an Imagineer, most notably designing the Jungle Cruise boats and The Golden Horseshoe (which actually was a scaled-down design from his original blueprints for the Doris Day film, Calamity Jane).