Frontierland/New Orleans Square Depot

BACKSTORY: This depot is based on the one constructed for the Disney movie, “So Dear To My Heart.” Walt let Disney animator Ward Kimball have the original movie set, but then asked him to return when he began to build Disneyland. Ward refused because of all the work he did to make the flimsy structure weather proof, so Walt build the replica built. The Water Tower at this station is actually functional, whereas the one in Fantasyland is strictly ornamental.

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Here is the text from the Live Narration of a Guided Tour, circa 1962 (previously started on this page):


While our train is stopped, there are a few things I'd like to tell you about Disneyland. This was actually a 20 year dream of Walt Disney's…it took five years to design the park and one year to build: of course, Disneyland will never be completed. Walt has many plans for the future. For instance, the large area here is being transformed into a beautiful New Orleans section complete with a Thieves' Market, Mysterious Haunted House, and an authentic New Orleans Square. This new area, with all the flavor of quaint old New Orleans will be completed next summer. Across the Rivers of America is Tom Sawyer's Island. And (when applicable) in Fowler's Harbor (or) sailing past…is the proud Columbia, a duplicate of the first American sailing ship to travel around the world. (and/or) also sailing down the Rivers of Ameria is the Mark Twain Riverboat. Mike Fink's Keel Boats begin their trip around Tom Sawyer's Island from Fowler's Harbor located on this side of the river.

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