Snow White 70th Anniversary Event

BACKSTORY: On November 16, 2007, the 70th Anniversary of “Snow White” was celebrated at Disney’s California Adventure. Panelists for the discussion were at Stage 17 were: Don Hahn (Disney Producer) - Moderator, Marge Champion (Animation Model for Snow White), Roy E. Disney, Glen Keane (Disney Director / Animator), John Lasseter (Chief Creative Officer Pixar and Disney Animation), Leonard Maltin (Film Historian), and Lella Smith (Creative Director of Animation Research Library). Disney legend Alice Davis was also there, sitting in the front row. Artist Noah was onhand before the panel discussion and completed an amazing painting of the Evil Queen, the Magic Mirror, and with the aid of a blacklight, Snow White herself. The Disneyland Resort also premiered “The Fairest One of All,” a never-before-seen collection of more than 100 pieces of priceless animation treasures used in the creation of the film. For a limited time, this first-of-its-kind exhibit can be seen exclusively at the Disneyland Resort in the Art of Animation Building at DCA.


Snow White 70th Anniversary panel discussion photoBACKSTORY: The panel discussion was fantastic; to have Roy Disney, Alice Davis, and Marge Champion in the same room was amazing. It was great to hear from Roy & Marge (Glen in the middle); Roy spoke of Walt’s amazing storytelling abilities, and reminisced how when he was a little boy, recovering from the chicken pox, Walt came to his room and told him the full story of “Pinocchio,” which was being made at the studio at that time. Roy said he spent at least 20-30 minutes, weaving the tale as only Walt could. Roy also said how disappointed he was when he saw the film, because Walt’s version, told to him in his bedroom was much more exciting! Marge gave a few lively stories, and was probably the most fun of the bunch to hear from. No publicity was given of her role in the film when it was released; Disney wanted to downplay the “tracing” or rotoscoping that was involved with the production. So, behind the scenes, beginning with her audition in 1935 at the age of 13, Marge danced (Walt wanted a dancer, not necessarily an actress) and emoted while the cameras captured her movements for the animators. When asked about the premiere, she remembered being put up in the balcony, while Shirley Temple was down below, front and center. “She didn’t even have anything to do with the film!” “Damn Shirley!” commented moderator Don Hahn to audience chuckles. Disney legend Alice Davis was also there, sitting in the front row. She took the mike a few times and told how “Snow White” was her husband Marc’s favorite Disney film. She also gave credit to Frank Churchill’s music, which was totally ignored the entire evening until Alice gave her kudos.