Columbia Square

BACKSTORY: This beautiful square was laid out in 1799 and is named for Columbia, the poetic personification of the United States. Located on Habersham, between State and York Streets. In the center of the square is a fountain that previously was located at Wormsloe, the estate of Noble Jones, one of Georgia's first settlers. It was moved to Columbia Square in 1970 to honor Augusta and Wymberly DeRenne, descendants of Jones. It is sometimes called the "rustic fountain," as it is decorated with vines, leaves, flowers, and other woodland motifs.



BACKSTORY: This beautiful Queen Anne mansion was built in 1892 by William Kehoe, a wealthy businessman who specialized in iron. Like the Mansion on Forsyth, the Kehoe House was once a mortuary. For approximately fifty years, it operated as the Goette Funeral Home. Another similarity to the Mansion on Forsyth is that there have been reports of ghosts at The Kehoe. Three of William's children as well as his wife died in the home; two of the kids supposedly died while playing in a chimney, which is (again supposedly) why all of the chimneys have been sealed off and two of them have engravings showing children being carried off by angels.