Chippewa Square

BACKSTORY: Bisecting Bull Street, Chippewa Square was built well after the Revolution, approximately 1815. The name of the square commemorates the 1814 victory of the Battle of ChippewaUpper Canada where the British were defeated by American forces under the command of Major General Jacobs Jenning Brown. As with so many of Savannah’s squares, the beautiful sculpture in the center of the Chippewa Square is not that of Brown, but of James Oglethorpe. The Daniel Chester French-designed statue was completed and placed in the square in 1910. Chippewa Square is intersected by Hull, McDonough and Perry Streets, with Liberty Street running the southern boundary of the ward. The defining monument on the square is the Independent Presbyterian Church, which was built in 1817. What makes it unique is that it occupies tithing lots, rather than a trust lot. The square is anchored by at least two buildings of historical importance. One is the First Baptist Church, which was designed and built 1833 with a later renovation 1922.