BACKSTORY: Although I never have considered myself an athlete, growing up, I truly loved swimming. That was my one form of exercise. All of my other passions consisted of sedentary activities. As an adult, II found my early morning swims to be relaxing and also allowed me to plan out my day, giving me the opportunity to shake out life's mess before I even hit the office. Along the way, I picked up running, as most of my friends enjoyed that sport at one level or another. Once I began doing races, which appealed to my competitive nature, I was hooked. Without a pool nearby, running has replaced my early morning swims and the mentally therapeutic effect it had on my day. Besides swimming and running, I have also spent a fair amount of time in the gym attempting to keep my body in shape.

Overall, my dabbling in these three areas has helped me do a number of fitness shoots. Shooting athletes in a portrait shot is one thing; capturing them in motion is another. Choosing too long of a shutter speed will create a photo that blurs out your subject; an overly quick shutter speed will make it appear as if the athlete is standing still. Finding the perfect balance between the two is a challenge that I love and have gotten better at over the years. Being able to document somebody's achievement in sports can be very rewarding. Check out the various photos below by clicking on the thumbnails.

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