Daveland Photography

I love to travel; I love to take photos—an artistically rewarding combo! Ever since I got my first camera (a Polaroid One Step), I've been hooked, attempting to "capture the moment." Currently, I am using a Nikon D4; you'll probably notice a difference in quality of the photos shown through the years—hopefully, for the better!

Below are some of the photos I'm most proud of so that you can get an idea of the type of work that I do. To get a quote for your next event, ask a question, or to schedule an individual photo shoot, you can reach me by phone: 619.379.5404 or by email: dvdpicasso@aol.com

PRICING Every photography project is different, which means prices depend on the type of shoot, the location, number of subjects involved, and complexity of the assignment. I offer fair prices to all my clients, and I also offer discounted rates for non-profits and special organizations that I feel my services could benefit (and the ones that have a special place in my heart).

PAYMENT I ask for half of the rate quoted before the shoot (cash, check, or payment made through Paypal.) The remainder is paid with cash or check on the day of the shoot.

WHAT YOU GET Typically, a photo session will run from 1.5-2 hours. I am not a clock-watcher, though; I shoot until I feel I have captured what the client is looking for. I will take between 200-500 photographs from which I will select what I consider to be the best, yielding approximately 30-50 images that you will be able proof in a web-sized version electronically and in a high-resolution version either on a DVD or via a link to a site where they can be downloaded.

STUDIO vs. LOCATION I do not work in a studio; all of my photography is done on location, as I feel it provides a more meaningful result than something that is artificially contrived in a studio.

RETOUCHING I provide basic image retouching such as blemish control and lighting/color adjustment; more involved retouching can be done at a mutually agreed upon price.


Most of the photographs that you see on my site are available for purchase, professionally printed in a lab on photographic paper. No cheap ink-jet photos at Daveland! Rare vintage photos may cost more while some can't be reproduced due to copyright restrictions; email me the url/name of the photo(s) you are interested in for a price quote. Current prices for most of my photographs are as follows:

5x7: $25 | 8x10: $45 | 11x14: $60 | 12x18: $80 | 16x20 : $100

For those with a bit more time and the desire for exploration, click a topic below in my alphabetical index and have fun traveling through my camera lens. Most of the pre-1960’s/70's photos are either from the family collection or ones that I have collected over the years. The dates in red let you know what pages are new or have been recently updated.