BACKSTORY: It may be hard to believe, but there are Disneyland geeks out there who are enamored with the parking lot! Especially during the early years of Disney California Adventure, there were many who bemoaned the loss of the parking lot that it replaced. Originally, guests could park in a lot that was directly adjacent to the entrance and ticket booths. That all changed once the Park began its expansion and became the Disneyland Resort. So...take a spin on the tram and see if there are any cars you might like!

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During a recent meeting of the Disneyland, Inc. Operations Committee, this incident, involving the question of an increase in the parking lot fee took place.

The question was whether or not a fwenty-five or thirty-five cent charge should be made. During the course of discussion, each member was adding pros and cons to the issue at hand and, at times, were using the expression of "two-bits" instead of twenty-five cents. After the issue had been discussed for what Tommy Walker thought was a sufficient length of time, he asked this question which he thought would work toward a solution.

"Oh, what's the difference between "two-bits" and thirty-five cents?"

Jack Sayers, Chairman of this committee, replied rather solemnly, "ten-cents." After this the meeting broke up.


…NAT KING COLE taking in the sights in the Magic Kingdom…JOHN PAYNE gaily whistling a happy tune while strolling through Frontierland…a grandmother two paces ahead of her four youngsters getting on the Sky Ride…scores of handsome, stalwart football players(including our own Anaheim Colonists)…the BEAutiful Rose Bowl Queen and her ladies in waiting being "shot" with Disneylanders' cameras…BOB HOPE joining the happy holiday throngs…DONE DEFORE and wife sitting in Town Square eating popcorn.…Chief Justice, EARL WARREN and family entering the Park for a day of fun…other celebrities among our guests this last month have been MAUREEN O'HARA, JIMMY STEWART and famil, and the COUNSEL GENERAL OF THAILAND…SHERIFF JOHN, idol of children everywhere, adding to the smiles of Disneyland's guests…and our own ROY (the Big Mouseketeer) sketching and signing auotgraphs in the rain for his little fans.

hh (Helen Holliday)


THE MONTH OF DECEMBER…was a terrific month, and better than last year. As everyone knows, we had two attendance breaking days, with a Sunday maximum which ended up at 33,491 on December 30th.

IN LINE WITH WALT'S CONCEPT…That Disneyland will never be completed, he has been spending a lot of time on plans for further expansion of Disneyland. Many different prgorams are under consideration. Ken Anderson, the Art Director who plowed through on Sotrybook Land, is completing the design for SLEEPING BEAUTY'S CASTLE which will be a walk-through type of adventure in the Fantasyland castle. Also, getting down to the firm stage of development, is an OUTDOOR SHOOTING GALLERY in Frontierland. Still in process are some new developments adjoining Fantasyland.

DISNEYAND, U.S.A.…the new People and Places film, is resulting in a rash of letters of inquiry from people who now want to visit Disneyland. The reception to this film has been enthusiastic and the sound track is now being produced in seven different languages, for world-wide distribution. In the very near future, this film will also be available in 16mm size for non-commercial use.

THERE WILL BE DECORATING AND IMPROVEMENTS MADE…on the True-Life Adventure, Autopia and the Golden Horseshoe. The lighting in Storybook Land is being studied, the ceiling in Rainbow Caverns will be redone, and plans are under consideration for a new development in the Tomorrowland Lake area.

JANUARY, FEBRUARY AND MARCH…are going to be slow months, and this is more upsetting and depressing than when the place is jumping with guests. The percentage of out-of-state guests is very high at this time. So, it is well to remember tha the way we treat these ambassadors from other states affects the world-of-mouth advertising that they give us back home, which is vitally important to our annual attendance. So, whether it be rainy or cloudy, we mmust give every guest our usual good time.








1967–1969 & MISC. 1960’s