ROYAL COURT / Pieces of Eight / Pirate Arcade / Fortune Red

BACKSTORY: Its address is 21 Royal Street, but it is also known as the Royal Court at Disneyland. Fortune Red is a beloved arcade machine also located withint this hidden spot in New Orleans Square. After a lengthy refurbishment, Red was returned to the park in October 2012. According to Daveland reader WalterWorld:

Very glad to see that they have returned Fortune Red back to something closer to his original look. He used to look just like the priate on the fortune cards, which have never changed since Fortune Red first appeared in the Pirates Arcade back in 1967. That pipe is an original btw; he always had it in his mouth up through at least the 70's, but in later years it sat at the bottom of his case amidst the coins, most likely after simply falling out, or else as a result of the Disney folks not wanting to send a pro-smoking message to the kiddies. Now if they could only bring back all of the other pirate-themed 10 cent machines!

Fortune Red