Upjohn Pharmacy / Fortuosity Shop

BACKSTORY: An anonymous cast member wrote me this tidbit about The Upjohn Pharmacy:

“For a number of years while working at the Park, I would stop into the Upjohn Pharmacy and get small glass containers of free vitamins that were handed out to guests. Still have a couple of the empties to this day...the vitamins were free and the family used them!”

Daveland reader JG remembers, "Mom was always afraid I would knock over the fragile glass bottles. This was the next stop in the sequence as you passed through the Candle Shop and Book Store. There was a little display in the glass case in front of the street window, showing Chinese remedies. They had a little ivory figurine of a reclining woman "En Deshabille," this prop was used by Chinese doctors to diagnose their female patients who were too shy to be examined. The ladies pointed to the parts of the figurine where they had ailments. Mom did not approve of the little naked statue, but Dad told her to relax. Is it more prudish to disrobe for the doctor, or to have an always-naked figurine? I also remember the vitamin pill samples they gave away; little orange balls in a square glass bottle. I would refill the bottle when I got home, but with Chocks, instead of Upjohn. I bet I have one somewhere at home."