The Jingle Cruise

BACKSTORY (Nov. 12, 2013–Present): The beloved Adventureland attraction received a holiday makeover in 2013, temporarily transforming it into “Jingle Cruise” for the holiday season. The storyline has the Skippers combatting homesickness by adding holiday decorations to the queue and boathouse that have been mailed to them from home and a few they’ve created themselves. New jokes to go along with the holiday decor have also been added by the Skippers. The Jungle Cruise boats have been renamed with appropriately themed holiday monikers. Along the route, Christmas decor and gifts that got lost along the route to their intended destination have been strewn throughout the scenes. Overall, it seems that this overlay has been met with positive response, but for this guest, I think it looks horrible, turning this classic attraction into a junkyard for holiday decor. That's my 2 cents.