West Hollywood, California

BACKSTORY: From City of West Hollywood site:

In 1984, a dedicated grass root group of renters, Seniors and Gay and Lesbian activists joined together to make a small 1.9 square mile section of Los Angeles County known as West Hollywood, an independent city. The City was incorporated on November 29, 1984. West Hollywood is an internationally-famous destination. It is a treasure trove of some of the most exciting places to visit in Southern California. This is due to the City’s vibrant and creative business community. West Hollywood is also known as the “Creative City” for its diverse collection of businesses in art, design and architecture. It is the West Coast center of the interior design industry. Santa Monica Boulevard, the City’s “Main Street,” is one of the most traveled streets in Southern California and part of the historic “Route 66.” One of West Hollywood’s greatest assets is the world-famous Sunset Boulevard, also known as the “Sunset Strip.” It is unquestionably one of the most famous streets in the world.

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BACKSTORY: Designated in 1992, The Courtyard Thematic District refers to a number of courtyard apartment buildings from the 1920's on Fountain Avenue in West Hollywood. The El Palacio on 8493 Fountain Avenue is an 18-unit, historical garden-style courtyard apartment building built in 1931 by William Hauptman, one of the most renowned architects in the area for courtyard buildings. Georgette Elise Bauerdorf was a twenty-year-old oil heiress who was strangled in the El Palacio Apartments in 1944. Marilyn Monroe lived in an apartment at The El Palacio in the 1950s (which would be purchased by Lindsay Lohan in 2007). The first African-American woman to be nominated for an Academy Award, Dorothy Dandridge, lived at the property from 1964 until her tragic death (ruled a suicide) in 1965.


BACKSTORY: Dan Tana’s Italian Restaurant opened in 1964, and has been a Hollywood dining legend ever since. Located at 9071 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. From their website: Its superb food, every morsel prepared to order, and its super sized drinks are created and served with loving care by Tana’s longtime personnel. The bar and restaurant always are fully packed with customers rubbing elbows with Hollywood elite. Still every customer, celebrity or not, is equally important to Tana and his staff. No special preferences are shown, except to offer exceptional service and mouth watering culinary delights.


BACKSTORY: The El Mirador Apartments were built in 1929 by architect S. Charles Lee and are located at 1302 N. Sweetzer Avenue.

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