THE Gonzalez Trio

BACKSTORY: For entertainment, The Gonzalez Trio (or the Gonzalez Duo whenever sister Carmelita wasn’t around) was a popular group in early Disneyland history. They used to sing a parody of “Cocktails for Two” called “Tacos for Two”:

In some secluded rendezvous
That overlooks the avenue
With someone sharing a delightful chat
Of this and that
And ordered tacos for two.
Our hearts were burning,
but it wasn't from the yearning,
so we both reached for the water,
’cause our faces, red were turning.
And then the waiter brought the check
and so we reached for our dinero.
We found we didn’t have a dime,
and so for that we’re doing time
'cause she walked out and said we're through,
and left me flat
with my tacos for two.

The trio was featured in “Fun in Frontierland,” which aired July 21, 1962. Originally, they were referred to as “The Trio Gonzalez, Gonzalez and Gonzalez.” They sang many popular Latino songs, including "Guadalajara," "El Rancho Grande," and "La Bamba," before it was a hit by Ritchie Valens. Steve Martin, who once sold trick lassos as a boy at a nearby stand, recalls thinking,"That song could be a hit. And then it was."