Fantasy Faire

BACKSTORY (March 12, 2013—PRESENT): Replacing the Carnation Plaza Gardens area, Fantasy Faire will serve as a permanent meet-and-greet for the Disney Princesses. The area includes stage shows, food stands, and retail shops. From the Disneyland website:

Stroll across a small stone footbridge to the left of Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough and step into an enchanting Bavarian storybook village square—right in the heart of Disneyland Park—where "once upon a time" begins and "happily ever after" happens every day.

Welcome! In this reimagined land, formerly Carnations Plaza Gardens, Disney fairy tale heroes and heroines are brought to life in live performances. You can shop and savor tasty treats. You may even meet Disney friends from such timeless tales as The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tangled and Beauty and the Beast.

Designs Drawn from Past and Present Throughout this charming land, look for inspiration from classic Disney movies like Pinocchio and from contemporary ones like Tangled. Design elements from the existing Fantasyland are also echoed. This blend of past and present is so natural—you may believe this addition was part of the original Disneyland Resort!

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