Mickey's Toontown Fair

BACKSTORY (1993–PRESENT): Mickey and pals need to escape the busy life of ToonTown in Disneyland. So, they come to the country in WDW. Mickey is the main character in the Judge’s Tent behind his house where you can get photos taken with him. According to the storyline, Cornelius Coot is the Founder of Mickey’s ToonTown Fair.

“This is old Cornelius Coot
Who Turned his Corn Crops into Loot
And founded Mickey's ToonTown Fair
To him we dedicate this square.”

“The area features Pete’s Garage (restrooms), Pete’s Paintshop (a face painting booth), The BarnStormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm (the roller coaster), Minnie’s House (where you can meet Minnie), Donald’s Boat (a kiddie splash area), Toon Park (a playground), Mickey’s House (a walkthrough), Hall of Fame Tent (Meet Goofy, Donald, Pluto, and Belle, Cinderella and Aurora), The Judges Tent (Meet Mickey), and the Train Station. Many thanks to Toonie Brandon for the awesome photos!