BACKSTORY (Oct. 1, 1971–PRESENT): Edited from Wikipedia: Walt Disney World opened its Magic Kingdom in 1971, complete with Frontierland. This instance began with only three attractions: the Walt Disney World Railroad station, Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes (which operated until 1994) and the world debut of the Country Bear Jamboree. Tom Sawyer Island opened in 1973. The northwestern end of the park was supposed to receive a massive, pavilion-style "E ticket" attraction, which was never built. (See also Western River Expedition) The area sat empty until Big Thunder Mountain Railroad premiered in 1980.

Few changes would be made over the next decade. Construction began on Splash Mountain in 1991, and the western end of the land with the exception of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was demolished and rebuilt from scratch, including the existing Walt Disney World Railroad station and parade access road. Splash Mountain and a new two-story railroad station opened in October 1993. Frontierland borders Adventureland on the south, Liberty Square on the east, and the Rivers of America on the north.