Billboard Awards 2011

BACKSTORY: The photos on this page are from the Billboard Awards Red Carpet at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 22, 2011. The Billboard Music Award is an honor given by Billboard, the top publication covering the music business. Info edited from Wikipedia: The Billboard Music Awards show had been held annually in December until it went dormant in 2007, but it returned in May 2011 when these photos were taken. Unlike other awards, such as the Grammy Award, which determine nominations as a result of the highest votes received, the Billboard Music Awards finalists are based on United States year-end chart performance according to Nielsen data for sales, number of downloads and total airplay. Awards were given for the top album/artist/single in different genres. Since 1992, the awards also give out a Billboard Century Award—the magazine's highest honor for creative achievement and named for Billboard's centennial in 1994. The award was renamed the Icon Award in 2011. Janet Jackson has won the most awards.