Wine Country Trattoria / Golden Vine

BACKSTORY (Feb. 8, 2001 —Present): Themed after San Francisco, The Bay Area near Pacific Wharf originally had The Golden Dreams Theater (re-themed “Golden Screams” at Halloween), featuring a film about the history of California, starring Whoopi Goldberg. The waiting area has a replica of the Palace of Fine Arts and a nearby row of houses similar to the Victorian architecture of many townhouses found in San Francisco. A Little Mermaid Dark Ride attraction is being installed where the Golden Dreams theater was and is set to open June 3, 2011. The Wine Country is themed after Northern California’s Napa Valley, and originally included two restaurants, The Vineyard Room (fine dining) and Wine Country Trattoria (casual table service). “Seasons of the Vine,” a film showcasing Napa Valley and the changes of the seasons, closed on March 30th, 2008 to be converted into a Disneyland/DCA Resort Preview Center. A wine tasting area is still located near the Trattoria for an additional price.